Network Infrastructure

Basic network infrastructure showing how local and remote clients connects to IBM I platform from Android based application or web browser through Green Screens Proxy Service providing high level of security features while isolating IBM I from direct access.

Green Screens Server can be single instance or multiple instances with clustered mode and load balancer to distribute large number of workstations. Ideal for redundancy or resource distribution to improve performance. Advanced security protocol features are used including custom encryption, OTP access control, mobile UUID access control, URL link sharing prevention, IP based session access control and many more. All terminal access is through standard web ports 80 or preferably 443 (SSL) which works out of the box through all networks without need for special network infrastucture configuration.

Intranet access (local network)

Intranet infrastructure shows how clients connect from local network through Green Screens Proxy Service to the IBM I platform.

  • All clients connects through browser or mobile app to Green Screens Service instead to IBM I server.
  • Printing is operating through web browser where spool files are converted into PDF and available for printing to any modern printer without requirements for PCL support.
  • Green Screens Service can be installed on MS Windows, Linux, AIX, IBM I or any other OS supporting Java.
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Internet access

Internet infrastructure shows how remote clients connect from remote locations through Green Screens Proxy Service to IBM I platform.

  • IBM I platform is isolated from direct Internet access protecting resource from external attacks as DDoS.
  • Green Screen Services can run in multiple separate processes, one for Intranet, another one for Internet.
  • Shooting down Internet service to prevent further damage will not terminate local connections in a case if intrusion or DDoS attack.
  • Printing spool files works the same way as in local network without any special network requirements or setups.
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Cluster feature

Clustering feature supports multiple Green Screens Servers instances running for redundancy and resource distribution to increase performance.

  • All clients connect through single point - Load balancer which might be hardware device or software service as a NginX.
  • Load Balancer will distribute thousands of terminals to different Green Screens Proxy Servers.
  • Changes on one node will reflect to other nodes making administration simple if Green Screens Proxy Servers are configured in the same cluster group.
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Cloud feature

Cloud feature supports installation of Green Screens Proxy Service in cloud environments.

  • MS Windows, Linux and Docker installation types are available.
  • It is ideal for cloud providers and companies providing IBM I outsourcing.
  • All security features are available as in all other types of installations giving high level resource protection and IBM I isolation.
  • Additionally, IBM I machines might be located out of the cloud environment and accessed through VPN networks.
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