Install In Your Own Infrastructure

Are you a customer with high security demands or just need web terminal to simplify maintenance in your organization?

Maybe we have exactly what you need.

If you are big company, institution or government with big administration or with many remote offices which requires a lot of technical support and costs a lot of money, our product could be ideal solution. Even cloud based service we provide and recommend is most affordable, there are clients with specific demands requiring installation in their own infrastructure. For such cases we sell our system as an installation product on client internal infrastructure.

Please, feel free to send as any question you have and we shall see how we can help.

Comparison chart

Compare differences between running in your own internal infrastructure and in cloud managed by us.

Full management access 1 2
Access from everywhere 3
More affordable
Automatic updates
Our monitoring
Our management
1. Only for our management officers
2. Option only if client allow full access to the server from Internet for our support
3. Option only if client allow access to the server from Internet


  • Our product with simple drop in installation
  • IBM I (AS/400 or iSeries) system
  • Server for our product
  • Java 1.8 or newer installed
  • Any Java 1.7 JEE certified server or
  • Servlet only spec. 3.1 or newer as Tomcat 8+ / Wildfly 10+ Lite