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Terminal Service

5250 Terminal Service

Green Screens Terminal Service is fast 5250 protocol proxy engine that connects pure web terminal clients with backend IBM server providing remote web access, out of the box security and simplicity. It is built on Java to be able to run on cloud environments and multiple platforms including your own IBM i Server.

NOTE: Cloud version is available only as our managed service.

  • Java EE 7 compilant
  • Install in cloud environment
  • Install in local infrastructure
  • Strong security
  • High performance
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Android Application with Barcode Scanner

Mobile device client (free)

Mobile application is simple to use 5250 terminal client with bar code scanning add-on module and multi language 5250 terminal keyboard.

  • 5250 keyboard with RTL support
  • Barcode scanner
  • WTMA - Web Terminal Mobile Authorization
  • Custom multilingual 5250 virtual keyboard
  • OTP secured access
  • Session restore on network switch
  • Screen modernization
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Web browser only with SCS spool to PDF

Free 5250 web terminal

Use 5250 terminal in any modern browser without need for any additional installation. We have developed our own transport protocol which is secure, size optimized and very fast over low bandwidth networks including mobile and satellite Internet access.

  • Full 5250 keyboard support
  • Touch based tablets support
  • No installation needed
  • Multiplatform and multilanguage
  • Works in any modern browser
  • Browser extension for advanced features
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Virtual Printer Client

SCS Printer

Print SCS spool file to any printer (PCL or GDI). Virtual printer uses the same technology as our server product to generate graphical report from SCS spool files.

  • Print to any printer PCL or GDI
  • Print to Fax
  • Send spool to email
  • SSL supported
  • Background templates
  • Preprocessing scripting (barcode, images)
  • Available as separate order
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Web Terminal A-HLL support

Node.JS SandBox Proxy Service (free)

Download code from our GitHub repository and use it to enable A-HLL integration with web terminals.

  • Windows / Linux / iOS standard service
  • Monitor and manage with start / stop.
  • Enable A-HLL integration with browser
  • Start local programs
  • Features and extendable by your needs
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