Product Features


For users

Battle tested at customer site with large number of sessions
Full screen size supported
Full RTL support for Hebrew and Arabic languages
Full Unicode support and 80+ EBCIDIC code pages
Full 5250 keyboard supported
Browser to server request encryption in non SLL environment
Auto bypass sing-on feature with encryption
Print spool files to PDF, Word or Excel with templates support
Mobile and tablet device support
Multi browser support Chrome, IE9+, Firefox, Opera
Touch based devices support with touch gestures
Works on any platform without need for client installation
2FA OTP based access control
FIDO acces control (biometric, security keys)
Support for SSL secured WebSocket
Technical support


For admins

Reduce configuration effort
No need for installations at client workstations
Single sign on support (Kerberos and Windows Domain controller)
Encrypted URL bookmarks - send by email and forget
Web administration console
Workstation console management
Automatic virtual printer configuration
Multi node clustering out of the box - load distribution
Automatic configuration synchronization between cluster nodes
Automatic cache cleanup
Simple update procedure by copy paste
Load balancing NginX scripts ready
PHP encrypted url generation for automated configuration distribution
Configuration saved in editable text files, no need for database installation


For developers

Powerful JavaScript API for customization and automatization
Integration with other web applications
Injectable custom CSS and scripts through web admin console
Execute browser JavaScript from STRPCCMD
Web API similar to HLL
Scripting for spool to PDF generator
API for integration with other web apps
Modules for integration with other frameworks
PHP Url configuration encryption
Integration with Node.JS service through A-HLL API
Detailed API documentation
Create barcode and graphic on PDF spools by scripting engine