Product Features

There are two versions of our product, light open-source version and more advanced commercial version highly optimized for web and cloud environments including mobile apps and support for many platforms.

Use free open-source version for basic usage or to get free terminal for your development and testing environments. You can extend it as you like, add new features as you like as long as it is freee and opensourced. Free version does not have many features commercial version have. From integration with document management software provided by our partners, computer vision, mobile apps, technical support and many more.

Below is a comparison table with available features and their short description. Hover mouse over a feature to reveal more details.

Comparison chart

Compare key differences between highly optimized Cloud and Features version.

Put mouse over text to reveal details. Commercial Features

Json WebSocket

Standard text based protocol that uses about 20x more data for screen transfer than binary mode. It is good enough for small number of clients and local network.

Features Tn5250J

Based on Features project. Commercial version use inhouse developed highly optimized module based on event based networking model which does not use Tn5250J.

Thread Based Networking

Networking technique where every concurent session requires more than one thread which limits number of concurent sessions and have much higher demands for resources.

Integration with other web pages

Can be integrated inside other portals and frameworks.

More than 60 code pages supported

Support for conversion from EBCIDIC to UNICODE.

SSL encryption support

From browser to application server or from application server to IBM i Server.

Unicode charset

Unicode is used to dispaly any country specific characters without any limitation.

2FA - 2-factor authorization

Fully compatibile with RFC 6238 - TOTP: Time-based One-time Password.

A-HLL an EHLL API Replacement

High Level Language API is a stadard to enable programatic access to terminal screen. We provide modern approach through WebSocket service implemented in native client and Web Terminal.

Apple iPad/iPhone

Supported as lite mobile version through PWA only.

Auto-Signon Encryption

Cloud to host communication uses DES or SHA1 as mandatory encryption that works even on non SSL connections which greately improve security.

Automatic Updates

We do all updates for new versions for you. (cloud only)

Binary WebSocket

Aproximately 20x smaller data exchange giving much better response performance. Ideal for remote locations with satelite or mobile networks with low bandwidth.

Biometric access verification

Use FIDO, WebAuth standards for increased security online. Mobile and PC fingerprint scaner, security keys, NFC, BT, USB devices supported.

Chrome browser extension

Enable local user macros, custom colors, fonts sizing, save local configurations, etc.

Chromebook support

Natively supported on Chromebook devices, extended with Chrome extenson.

Cloud Ready

Code optimizations and features for cloud environments

Custom keyboard mapping

Inject custom keyboard layout and commadn mapping.

Custom Protocol Optimization

Optimization for speed and memory resources like Zero-Byte copy, Event based networking and 5250 protocol instruction caching

Custom scripting

Inject custom scripts for automation from web admin console.

Custom visual theming

Customize 5250 terminal with custom theme colors. At host levele or user level.

Digitaly sign PDF spool

Digitaly sign PDF reports generated from SCS spool files.

Dynamic Barcodes

More than 70 barcode standards supported for barcode generator. Use in modernization engine.

Dynamic Images

Add image to modernized screens as image of products, employess etc.

Dynamic Report Templates

Print spool files to PDF and HTML wtuh dynamic backgrounds.

Dynamic Resources

Add any web resource to modernized screens from server resources folder.

Event Based Networking

Compared to thread based networking, this technique enables large number of session per server making Cloud very affordable

Fast renderer

Browser code optimization and binary protocol enables very fast screen rendering even on modest hardware.

File sharing

Enable file sharing feature between workstation operators. Ideal for big organization with remote branches.

File transfer

Simple file transfer to IFS file system. Incomming feature - advanced file transfer to/from file members with vrious format support.

High Speed Compression

Enables great performance on networks with low bandwidth

IP Filtering

IP access filter integrated inside product to increase security and control session creation by IP address.

Local installation

Needed only for clients that want's integration with other tools. (for example, document managing sollutions)

Low Network Bandwidth Optimization

Binary WebSocket and Ultra Fast compression makes only 2KB of data per screen request


For clients with SLA agreement

Mobile application

Support for tablet devices.

Mobile access control

Control access byspecificdevice/application install.

Mobile authorization

Open web terminal with WTA. No need to signon information, protects from keyboard spying tools.


For clients with SLA agreement

Multiplatform support

Local installation version have support for various OS systems.

Printing Drivers

Print spool files to Different data formats like PDF, HTML, RAW, TEXT, JSON, ZPL.

Printing to PDF with scripting support

Create JavaScript code to add custom elements to page or to modify data output.

Printing to PDF with templates

Print spool files to PDF directly from web browser without any additional software. Supported dynamic backgrounds from PDF ir image files.

Printing to thermal mobile printers

Print spool files to ESC/POS or Zebra ZPL with support to print as raster.


Progressive Web Apps - enables lite mobile version for devices which does not support native mobile apps

Screen Capture

Select part of the screen and capture as image (PrtScr)

Secured Browser SignOn

Signon data is encrypted even on non SLL connection

Small Factor Screen Support

Reduced screen area rendering for small devices like smart barcode scanners

Smart barcode scanners Support

Support for small screens and modernization screen within mobile app to improve user experience.

Smart Card Support

Support access control based on ISO 7816 PIV standard.

Support by Email

Direct email support for clients with SLA

Support by Ticketing System

Online client ticketing support for bugs and feature requests.

Support for STRRMTCMD

Support for STRRMTCMD (start remote command) for web terminal (with SandBox Proxy Service) and native client.

Support for STRRMTCMD Android

Support for STRRMTCMD (start remote command) for Android to start 3rd party Android application.

Touch devices support

Gestures in mobile and web application for best user experience. Use one and two finger swipe gestures to popup / lock keypad or use page up/down for subfile scrolling.

Thousands of Sessions

Thanks to event based networking large number of concurent sessions are supported on a single hardware which reduces costs.

URL Access Protection

Advanced security by protection web terminal URL from sharing among other computers. Login data can be used only from active browser instance.

VPN Tunnel

Implemented Socket tunneling technology. Safely access IBM i in your infrastructure from Internet.

White Label

Support for custom company resources as logo, url and email links.

Yubico Support

Use Yubico USB/NFC 2FA devices for highest level of online security. Prevents unauthorized access in online and cloud environments.

Zero-Byte Copy

Network stream processing that significantly improves performance and saves memory when thousands of concurent connections are used.

Access Features version by clicking GitHub icon at the bottom of the page.