Terminal Modernization


Radical approach to terminal modernization that works out of the box in browsers, mobile application and our terminal desktop client.

Now 2.0 engine available with Web Custom Elements for fast templating.

Our engine use two approaches to modernization... page template based rendering and custom web elements that renders UI interface on its own. Custom web elements bring fast and easy screen templating where each component renders parts of UI interface on its own as forms, subfiles etc. Learning process is quick and simple and does not require special knowledge. This enables quick learning and adoption of terminal screens into modern interface.

Modernization 1.0

Template based rendering.

Classic approach where rendering engine load screen HTML template and combines it with JSON data generated by extracting terminal screen data.

This approach gives great freedom into UI designing but requires more manual work. Create any UI styling imaginable and integrate with other web applications. As being technology agnostic use any web framework.

Visit Teaser links on top of the page to see different frameworks used to generate various stylings of the same terminal screens.

Modernization 2.0

Web Custom Element based rendering.

Web Custom Elements are set of 25 in-house made custom browser tags to enable quick UI development of UI interfaces from terminal screen data. Custom Elements use Bootstrap 4 as a base CSS styling, but not limited to Bootstrap. Components are technology agnostic and highly customizable.

Custom Elements renders UI interface on its own with predefined templates but not limited to defined ones. Create your own overrides, or extend one of available components with your own logic.

Automatic Modernization

Web based automatic modernization for next decade.

Web based technology independent engine is based only on JSON data. One for extracted screen elements, and another one with internal screen definitions.

Implemented by default in our Modernization 2.0 library, does not prevent you being technology independent and create your own lib, screen collector or custom renderer. Find out more on our blog here.


Modernization 2.0 CustomElements is Featuresd for partner companies which wants to create their own components or modernization on its own. This is ideal for ERP solution providers to extend their product with modern UI interface and possibility to integrate web terminal into other web based applications.