Advanced HLL API Integration

Advanced HLL API is integration api that enables automated programmable access to terminal screen by using new approach with modern technologies. Terminal sessions are accessed through standard WebSocket with widely used JSON format.

Checkout our blog and GitHub repository to find more information.

If you want to automate entry process into terminal or integrate with third party software like MS Office or email integration Advanced HLL is ideal. With our WebSocket SandBox Proxy it is even possible to do integration directly from Web Terminal. Use STRRMTCMD even from Web Terminal to start your own automation module with which is easily possible to get screen data, fields or to issue keyboard commands.

Please, feel free to send as any question you have and we shall see how we can help.


  • Support for Web Terminal
  • Support for Native Terminal Client
  • Password protected access
  • Easy to develop and unit test
  • JavaScript based
  • Available to mobile version (in development)