Virtual Printer

Do you want to reduce cost? Print SCS spools directly to any printer, laser or ink. Send spool to fax machine, render spool to PDF, image, or SVG vector graphic and send it as a mail attachment.

Fill order form and we will provide you a demo license.

If you have GDI or "windows only printers" not supporting PCL then standard printing will not work. You will have to buy more expensive printers supporting PCL language. Our Virtual printer solve that problem because it contains SCS driver which will convert SCS spool data stream into raster graphic which can be printed on any laser or ink printer.

Until now, if you want to send spools to a fax, there was a need for special and very expensive solutions. Use our Virtual printer to print to Windows Fax machine and let the system to handle the rest.

If you want to send spool reports to an email use our Virtual printer to automatically convert spool files to PDF and send them to an email as an attachment.

Do you need background templates? Create any type of background template from image or PDF template. It is easy to use text processing tools like Word, Google Docs, Openoffice, LibreOffice etc. Create template, save it as PDF, name it as spool user data or spool name and driver will apply it to specific reports.

Do you need spool data preprocessing? Virtual printer contains Java/JavaScript scripting engine to enable data processing during printing. Use it to attach image or render barcode to your spools. For example, if you want to render barcode based on spool data or attach image from web service based on product code or just to apply company logo to report.

Do you need to save spool files as an image? Various formats are available: BMP, JPG, PNG, SVG. Use scripting abilities for ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) to convert incoming data into JSON structure. Use that structure to generate HTML based graphical reports. Generated reports can be printed, saved in one of supported images, sent to email or fax, saved to shared folder for archiving an many more.

Do you worry about security? Virtual printer supports full SSL encryption to protect data on the network.

Virtual printer is included with main Terminal service or available as an affordable standalone product if you just want to solve printing problems.


Virtual printer

  • Any laser or ink printer. PCL not required.
  • Send spool to Fax machine
  • Render PDF and send it to an email
  • Create HTML based reports
  • Render Vector SVG images (html)
  • Render PNG, JPG, BMP images (html)
  • Full SSL encryption available
  • Background templates
  • Preprocessing scripting
  • Add Barcode with scripting
  • Add images with scripting
  • Full RTL support for Hebrew and Arabic languages
  • Full Unicode support and 80+ EBCIDIC code pages
  • Standalone product or as a part of package.

Main application screen

Configuration screen

Registration screen

Email options

Spool data

Spool viewer

HTML Template spools

Legacy spools