Green Screens is next generation of IBM 5250 Telnet Emulator providing access to IBM I from everywhere just by using your browser or mobile with support for virtual printing and screen modernization. Green Screens Technology is fast, secure and reliable system battle tested in production environment with international clients.

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Why Green Screens Case Studies Large Scale


Our Best Features

Lightning Fast And Secure

We use binary WebSocket protocol for speed and latest networking technologies to enable large number of sessions.

Access From Everywhere

Our client is pure Web and JavaScript based. Only requirement is web browser without any additional software installation.

Cloud Ready

Easily install in any cloud environment or on your own infrastructure. We provide cloud support and preparation for your system.

Easy Integration

Integrate with your own applications or web applications, replace EHLLAPI, add safe auto-sign on, or print directly from SCS spools to PDF.

Low Maintenance Cost

If you are a big client, is it easier to use web browser only or to install client applications at workstations. Decide by yourself.

Multiple Plans

Choose payment plan tailored to your needs. We support payment options from single user to big clients with thousands of sessions.

Browser & Mobile Ready - on any platform

Does not require local installation

Our web and mobile terminals are built with modern technologies to give the best experience, including all features as desktop version.

All modern browsers are supported, on all OS including support for Win XP plus free Android Mobile app supporting versions from Lollipop+ (5.0)

  • Fully Responsive design.
  • Extremely fast and bandwidth friendly.
  • No installation needed.
  • Built with HTML5 & CSS3
  • Desktop or Mobile, you choose
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Why Green Screens

WHY Green Screens ?


Our philosophy is simplicity and thus we created our web client to be easy to use and fast but light for resources. To ensure how it is fast, check out our demo by requesting free single user license and see for yourself.


We use so called "event based networking" approach and zero-byte copy technique and many more optimizations which enables our web system to support thousands of connections on a single server with minimal requirements for resources.


Run our application on your own server in your own infrastructure or let us prepare online cloud environment just for you. We will take care for management and resources to provide you best performance.


Our product is easy to deploy with light drop-in installation procedure to any system that support any Java 7 JEE certified server. MS Windows, Linux, AIX, Docker etc.


Modern Management Console

  • Manage you servers.
  • Define your own security modes.
  • Easy session tracking.
  • Ticketing and system.
  • Simple payment engine.
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How It Works ?

Install product

First request demo access for your own host. We will provide download link with 3 click installation.

Configure Hosts

After installing product, go to management console and configure your hosts.

Open Terminal

Use host virtual ID and open web client or use our mobile application.


Simple Questions


How does it operate on low bandwidth?

We use latest web and networking technologies that can handle 1000s' of concurrent connections with data transfers up to 2KB/req which gives the best performance even on low bandwidth networks.


What about technical and user support?

For standard orders, we give ticket support. There are yearly subscription maintenance and support plans providing all cloud deployments, management and monitoring for you.


How many variations exist?

There is support for small personal sessions to big clients, in public cloud environments with our management and support or in your own infrastructure. For more details, contact us.


Is it safe to use it online?

We use many security techniques including auto sign-on feature with mandatory DES or SHA password exchange encryption between our servers and your hosts even if SSL is not used.


What platforms are supported?

For server side, all OS supporting Java. For client side, all OS supporting modern Web Browser technologies and Android Mobile or Tablet devices with installable mobile application.


How to Become an Authorized Distributor?

Reseller and distributors receive Partner ID which your clients can use to get discounts and you can get your commission. Please send us an email for more information.